Disposable Sterile Syringe - 1ml, 3ml, 5ml

  • Dispensing Syringe: A dispensing syringe allows for the control and precise flow of liquid. The dispensing syringe is used to inject medications or other liquids into body tissues. Manual syringes consist of a barrel, stopper, and plunger.
  • Dispensing syringes comply with Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 880.5860 and follow International Standards Organization (ISO) 7886-1:2017 or ISO 7886-1:1993
  • Calibrated hollow barrel and movable plunger. At one end of the barrel there is a male connector (nozzle) for fitting the female connector (hub) of a hypodermic single lumen needle
  • Heavy duty barrel – The barrel has a scale showing the capacity of the syringe with markings and either ml or cc.
  • Stopper – The stopper maintains the fluid in the barrel between the syringe nozzle and the plunger
  • Plunger – The plunger is used to aspirate and inject fluids into and out of the syringe
  • Disposable, sterile individually wrapped packaging.
  • Luer lock to accept luer hub applicator (e.g. needle)
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